Travel Insurance With Pre Existing Medical Conditions


Travel Insurance With Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Its important that if you are going on holiday with pre existing medical conditions that these are disclosed to the underwriter up front before you leave the UK.

If you buy travel insurance and you don’t tell the insurance company about your pre existing conditions there is a high chance that they might not pay the claim for medical expenses when you are overseas.

This could leave to a very large and unexpected bill from a private medical clinic abroad and may mean that you are not able to get back to the UK further prolonging the agony of rising bills and complications.

What Is A Pre Existing Medical Condition?

You need to declare to the insurers whether you or anyone travelling with you has EVER had treatment for:
• Any heart or circulatory condition
• A stroke or high blood pressure
• Any breathing condition (including asthma)
• Cancer
• Diabetes

Or if, within the last 24 months you have:
• Been treated for any serious / re-occurring condition
• Been referred to a specialist or hospital consultant for tests, diagnosis or treatment
• Been asked to take regular prescription medication.

What Is A Pre Existing Medical Condition?

Compared to the risks of running up a huge bill whilst on holiday travel insurance is really not expensive.

The UK has a competitive and active market of insurers competing for this type of risk anf therefore provided you use a comparison of the providers and don’t just rely on your bank or travel agent then you will find a policy to suit you.

Beware So Called Free Travel Insurance From Your Bank

Be careful of relying on your bank for so called free travel insurance. If you read the small print you will almost certainly find pre existing conditions excluded the cover levels to be low and restrictions on the countries you may visit.